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45,53 EUR*
Details Oracle Enterprise Manager 101 (Oracle (McGraw-Hill))

Oracle Enterprise Manager 101 Learn to streamline the management of complex Oracle systems and databases with Oracle's sole management tool while lowering the total cost of ownership of Oracle systems and databases.

57,73 EUR*
Details Pro Oracle Spatial for Oracle Database 11g

Now available in paperback-- Pro Oracle Spatial for Oracle Database 11g shows how to take advantage of Oracle Databases built--in feature set for working with location--based data. A great deal of the information used in business today is associated ...

57,45 EUR*
Details Oracle E-Business Suite Financials Handbook (Oracle Press)

Oracle E-Business Suite Financials Handbook This fully updated Oracle Press guide is the only book to cover the major considerations in managing the new Oracle Financials 12 installation, customizing the product, converting from a legacy system to ...

70,00 EUR*
Details Der Oracle DBA: Handbuch für die Administration der Oracle Database 12c

Handbuch für die Administration der Oracle Database 12cGebundenes BuchAls Administrator der Oracle Database finden Sie in diesem Handbuch die ideale Unterstützung für die Herausforderungen Ihres Alltags. Hier hat sich eine Gruppe namhafter und ...

49,39 EUR*
Details Oracle Automatic Storage Management: Under-The-Hood & Practical Deployment Guide: Under-the-hood and Practical Deployment Guide (Oracle (McGraw-Hill))

Oracle Automatic Storage Management Streamline data management and provisioning using Oracle Automatic Storage Management (Oracle ASM) and the detailed information contained in this exclusive Oracle Press resource. Full description

76,99 EUR*
Details Oracle Database - 10g Data Warehousing.

Oracle 10g Data Warehousing A guide to using the Data Warehouse features in the Oracle Database 10g. It shows you how to deploy the Oracle database and use the Oracle Database 10g features for your data warehouse. It contains walkthroughs and examples ...

59,87 EUR*
Details Pro ODP .Net for Oracle Database 11g (The Expert's Voice in Oracle)

Pro ODP.NET for Oracle Database 11g This book is a comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide for using the Oracle Data Provider (ODP) version 11g on the .NET Framework. It also outlines the core GoF (Gang of Four) design patterns and coding ...

46,98 EUR*
Details Oracle Solaris Cluster Essentials (Oracle Solaris System Administration Series)

Oracle Solaris Cluster Essentials Thousands of IT organizations have adopted clustering to improve the availability of mission-critical software services. Today, with the rapid growth of cloud computing environments, clustering is even more crucial ...

54,56 EUR*
Details Oracle JDBC: High Performance Applications With Oracle 10g (Oaktable Press)

Expert Oracle JDBC Programming This title details concisely and clearly the vital details of Oracle's architecture and mode of operation that directly impact the manner in which JDBC applications should be written. Full description

13,78 EUR*
Details Eye of the Oracle (Oracles of Fire)

What ancient mysteries lurk behind the amazing stories in the Dragons in our Midst series? "Eye of the Oracle" takes the reader back in time to the days when dragons abounded. From the era just before Noah's ark, through the battles between dragons ...

59,79 EUR*
Details Oracle 10g Programming: A Primer

Oracle 10G Programming is a concise, streamlined guide to Oracle programming. It is ideal for students studying databases, and introduces the Oracle technology students need to know for a first database course. This easily accessible primer is divided ...

45,78 EUR*
Details OCA Oracle Solaris 11 System Administration Exam Guide (Exam (All-in-One)

The only Oracle Press guide to the all-new Oracle Certified Associate Oracle Solaris 11 System Administrator exam-the designated entry point for the Oracle Solaris 11 system administrator certification track. Offering 100% coverage of the exam 1Z0-821 ...

54,49 EUR*
Details Oracle Tuning: The Definitive Reference

Advanced Oracle SQL Tuning It's impossible to tune an Oracle database without understanding SQL tuning. Oracle is a SQL processing engine and the execution speed of any SQL query is influenced by many factors, both internal and external. As a ...

85,90 EUR*
Details Oracle Database & Data Warehouse 11g: Performance Assessment

Oracle Database & Data Warehouse 11g This textbook is the first volume of a two-volume set devoted to the subject of Oracle database server and Oracle data warehouse performance tuning. This first volume provides crucial background information about ...

62,01 EUR*
Details Expert Oracle Exadata (Expert's Voice in Oracle)

Throughout history, advances in technology have come in spurts. A single great idea can often spur rapid change as the idea takes hold and is propagated, often in totally unexpected directions. Exadata embodies such a change in how we think about and ...

36,32 EUR*
Details Oracle DBA on Unix and Linux

Oracle DBA on Unix and Linux This book provides the information needed to install, support, tune, and upgrade Oracle databases on the Unix and Linux platforms. Full description

43,23 EUR*
Details Forecasting Oracle Performance

Now available in paperback-- What makes seasoned IT professionals run for cover? Answer: Forecasting Oracle Performance! Craig Shallahamer is an Oracle performance expert with over 18 years of experience. His book is the first to focus not on the ...

28,55 EUR*
Details Odessey & Oracle +2 [Shm-CD]

Zombies - Odessey And Oracle +Bonus [Japan LTD SHM-CD] TECI-18690